Providence Baptist Church, Johnston, SC

"To all who are lonely and seek fellowship,
To all who are weary and seek strength,
To all who have sinned and seek forgiveness,
May this place be for you the House of God."


Welcome to Providence Baptist Church.

Providence Baptist Church is a community of believers who share God's love in worship and in service to God's people. With Jesus Christ as our head, guided by the Holy Spirit, we dedicate our very selves to the spreading of the Word and to a lifelong journey of discipleship.

Vacation Bible School

Providence is hosting a Vacation Bible School June 26-30. Everyone is welcome. You may download a registration form here

Providence Baptist Church is situated in a serene location just outside Johnston, South Carolina. It is surrounded by farm land with vast peach orchards along Highway 191. The initial impression that people have told us they have about its location is that it seems so peaceful and serene. So, it is not surprising for to see people just drive into the parking lot from time to time and rest for a while before continuing on with their journey. We each need a place where we can find rest. As we reflect upon what people have said about our location the mind wanders back to that scripture in Matthew 11:28 where Jesus beckoned people to come to Him for rest for their weary souls. He said, "Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest", earnestly urging the listeners to not only hear his words but to also respond to His offer of life. Today, it is the same, Jesus Christ is at work in our societies urging people to turn from their sin and find rest in Him.

Here at Providence Baptist Church our intent is to be a voice calling people everywhere to the rest they can find in Christ Jesus. That being said, our mission is to follow Christ as a Bible believing and mission minded church that welcomes everyone into its fellowship and inspires others to live for Him. As we take our mission seriously, we endeavor to be a light for Christ in our communities around us as well as to the world through missions and various outreach ministries. We are a loving church that loves people and values the family unit, fellowship of believers, studying the Word, living for Christ and living out the gospel. We see in our congregation a testament of how God is moving in and through our lives. We praise Him for His immeasurable grace that He has shown us and pray that He will continually bless us as well as use us as a blessing to others. Just come and check us out one Sunday morning, we would love to meet you! May God bless you and your family.

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1701 Hwy 191
Johnston, SC 29832


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